Hotstar Mod APK v23.10.09.15 (Free IPL, Premium Show Unlocked)

Hotstar Mod APK v23.10.09.15 (Free IPL, Premium Show Unlocked)
App Name Hotstar
Size 13M
Developer Novi Digital
Get it On GooglePlay
Mod Info Ad-Free/IPL Watch Live
Updated November 13, 2023

Today we are going to tell you everything in detail about Hotstar Mod APK in this post. Like Netflix, Hotstar is also a video streaming platform on which you can play the latest movies, TV shows, and web series. Online video streaming has become a big craze in India in the last few years and many people are preferring to watch videos on similar online OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix.

Nowadays most people like to watch live cricket matches on the Hotstar app during IPL. But to watch live matches on Hotstar, you have to take a premium subscription of 1 year or 1 month and to avoid this subscription, many people start looking for the mod version of Hotstar and they start searching about downloading the mod version on Google.

So today I will tell you to step by step how to download and install Hotstar mod APK and apart from this I am going to give you a lot of information about this APK in detail, so let’s know-

What Is Hotstar Mod APK?

This app was launched in 2015 on Google Play Store as an online video streaming platform and in a very short time, it became very popular among many people, and today in India more than 100 Million downloads of this app on Google Play Store.

Today Hotstar has become a medium on which people of almost every household are subscribing to watch the latest movies and TV programs. Most of the people like Hotstar more than all the other OTT platforms because it keeps on bringing you great offers from time to time and provides you a 1-month subscription at a very low cost that’s why most of us only Prefer video streaming on Hotstar.

Hotstar takes full care of its users and according to the convenience of its users, it provides all the features on its app that you need according to your interest, whether it is the option to increase or decrease the video quality or else. Along with this, you have the option to watch videos on full screen, all these features are made available to you very easily on Hotstar.

Nowadays, most people are preferring to watch TV series only on Disney Plus Hotstar APK because most of the TV series or programs we watch in our house are mostly only on Star category channels and exclusively and Hotstar is made for only Star category channels. Disney Plus Hotstar Mod APK is made for fulfilling the joy of entertainment in your life so if you also never want to miss any of your TV Serial then you can watch using Hotstar APK.

Features Of Hotstar Mod APK

Watch Same Day Movies And TV Shows

In Disney Plus Hotstar mod APK, you get to see exclusive movies and TV series on the day of release and for this, you do not even have to pay the extra amount, which is the special thing about this app.

When you start watching a TV series from the beginning and watch its episodes one by one, then you do not have to wait for a few weeks for them because as they go on releasing, you will get that it is also made available on Hotstar APK mod version. So if you are fond of watching the latest and viral movies then I can claim that you must also use Hotstar APK.

Easy To Choose

Today it has become very easy to select which OTT platform we should take video streaming service because if you like Star category channels then you have to go for Disney Plus Hotstar and if you prefer Sony Entertainment channels. If so then you can subscribe to the Sony Live app, but if you want to watch the latest movies, web series related to every category worldwide, then you can also subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

But today we are only talking about Hotstar Mod APK, so let me tell you that most of the people in India prefer to watch videos on Hotstar only because in this you get to see the very good user experience and every option in their APK is taken care of the user. It is designed in such a way so that the user’s experience can be good. So nowadays we can say that it is very easy to choose an OTT platform or video streaming service according to your need and interest.

Watch Videos At Ultra High 4K Quality

This is a very special feature of Hotstar Mod APK because nowadays everyone wants to watch it in ultra-high quality. So you are also one of them then you have to definitely try this app at least one time. You can set your options in the Hotstar app is 4k quality and then you can enjoy the incredible experience and I can claim that you will love it.

Play Hollywood Movies In High Quality

After enjoying all the content of Hotstar APK I can say that this app has really wonderful features. If you are living in India then you cannot only watch Indian movies and TV shows but also you can also watch Hollywood content also.

Watch Movies In Multiple Languages

At this time a very common question comes to your mind that can I play Hollywood movies in our regional language like Hindi. So I can technically say that yes you can for sure Hollywood movies in Hindi language and not in the Hindi language you can also play many more different languages because Hotstar provides the feature to watch your TV shows and all the latest movies in multiple languages.

Never Miss Any Live Sports And TV episode

Most people in India news Hotstar APK to watch live sports like Vivo IPL cricket match, kabaddi match, and football match. we are very likely to watch all these matches on a live basis. Also, there are some people who want to never miss their favorite tv serials so they are also streaming Bihar’s favorite serials on the Disney plus Hotstar app.

Given Alerts Feature To Keep You Updated

This app includes a very important feature of alert by which this app notifies you to watch your favorite movies and TV serials. Ranna’s latest movies released then you have already been informed of it because of this app notification alerts. It is a very beneficial feature for those who want to be updated to the latest movies content and web series and sports events. If you want to do your entertainment double then you can also turn on the notification alert feature in the Disney plus Hotstar APK.

How To Download The Mod Version Of Hotstar APK?

Today many people are facing problems in downloading its mod version because Hotstar mod APK is not available on the play store so to help those people today i am going to tell you how to download Hotstar mod APK step by step. You can follow all these steps to download and install it on your phone, so let’s know all the steps one by one-

First of all, you have to go to google and search “download Hotstar mod APK free unlocked version”

  • After this, you will see some websites on the first page of Google, you have to click
  • After reaching the website, you have to see where that website has given you the link to download mod APK.
  • If you want to download the mod APK, then you have to click on it, but if you do not see the download link, then you have to go back to the first page of Google.
  • By going to the first page of Google, you have to open any other website and look for a download link again on it.
  • If you do not see the download link now, then you have to repeat the same process again, you have to keep doing this till you see the link to download mod APK.
  • Because download link are given on the website but they are given direct download links of the play store, which is of no use to us because we can download that app directly from the play store or its original version is already available to us. That’s why we are looking for the link to download mod APK.
  • When you see the download link, click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the download link, you will see some unnecessary advertisements and you may be redirected to another page.
  • But you do not have to panic, you just have to go on closing all those advertisements one by one, and then you will see in the last that you will see a download link on the final page on which you have to click.
  • As soon as you click on the download link given on some final page, your mod APK will start downloading in the notification panel of your mobile.
  • When your mod APK is downloaded then you have to uninstall the old Hotstar APK that you have downloaded from the google play store and only then try to install the mod Hotstar APK version you just downloaded.
  • You will see that your mod APK has been installed successfully on your mobile and now you can use all premium features for free.

So these were some easy steps by following which you can easily download and install the mod version of the Hotstar app in your mobile, I hope you have understood all the steps very easily.


1. What Type Of Content We Can See On Hotstar Mod APK?

Ans. In the Mod version of Hotstar APK, you can watch almost every type of content according to your interest. You can enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows when you use the Mod version of this app. not only you can browse Indian movies but also you can watch international movies, TV series, and live sports events. It means you can also watch for foreign content as well as domestic content.

2. Can You Play 4k Videos In The Hotstar Mod APK Version?

Ans. Yes, definitely you can watch your videos in ultra-high 4K quality area laptop for desktop. Yeah, I am suggesting YouTube watch 4K videos only on a laptop or desktop or on a big screen smart TV because the quality of 4K video is extremely high so it will be very exciting and enjoying can you play the 4K videos on your PC or smart TV in comparison to your mobile screen.

3. Why is The Mod Version Of Hotstar APK Is Mod Popular Than Its Original Version?

Ans. The Moon position of Hotstar is really a very feature-rich platform in comparison to its original APK. When you use the Mod version of Hotstar APK then you will get high-quality premium features that you will not get in the original app and you get this all features you have to pay money in the normal APK. Some of the popular reason why people are interested to install this Mod version APK are because you will get an ad-free experience and to use them all unlocked features of the Hotstar app.

4. Hotstar Mod APK Is Not Available On The Google Play Store?

Ans. It is not available on the Google Play Store because Play Store does not allow any kind of Mod APK to keep on its platform because Google has created some rules and guidelines for every app have to follow. We all know that Mod APK has some advanced premium features so it doesn’t fulfill all the policies of Google so this is one of the reasons why Hotstar Mod version APK is not available on the Google Play Store.

Final Words

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the post and if you want to be updated with the latest TV programs and latest movies then I can definitely say that you will love this article.

In this post, we have tried to give you full information about the Mod version of Disney plus Hotstar APK. Along with this, we have also told you about how to download and install Hotstar Mod APK on your phone step by step.

If you have liked this information and find it used for then you can share this post with your friends on social media and if you have any questions related to this post then you can just write it down in the comment section.

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